Ways to pay



Electronic Bill  

Major credit cards & bank debit cards 

Personal checks  ($35 service fee on returned checks)



Having a predicable routine for work & family balance is key Dogs picked up after business hours will be charged for an additional night

House rules

We are pretty easy going around here. 

Your dogs happiness and comfort is of the utmost importance to me!

Dogs rule..... people find somewhere else to sit.

However we do have a few rules:

Be housebroken

No marking inside (male dogs that mark will have to wear a belly band inside)

NO aggressive dogs or fearful biters

Dogs must be good with other dogs

Excessive barking or digging wont be tolerated (my neighbors like me and I want to keep it that way)

All dogs must be separated in my absense, this may include crating

Fees & Rules

 I am operating at the the lowest fees possible

PLEASE LEASH your dog for ALL pick up and drop offs

This is for their safety and to keep them out of neighboring yards

Doggie Daycare

Provided only if space is available 

Only during business hours 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

$30 / day

Health rules

ALL dogs must be current on vaccines including rabies and bordetella (kennel cough).

Puppies must be at least 6 months old AND FULLY vaccinated.

Dogs must be free of fleas, ticks, mites, parasites, viruses and giardia.

DO NOT bring dogs that are sick.  This includes dogs that have / had diarrhea, loose stools or have vomited in the last 7 days.

Sick dogs will quarantined and additonal daily fees applied.

Very sick dogs will be kenneled at an animal hospital of my choosing at the owners expense. This is for the health and safety of all my guests.

Overnight boarding

Toy breeds UNDER 20 lbs-    $30 / night

All other dogs-   $35 / night

Major Holidays are an additional $5 / night & no discounts

Guests needing pick up or drop off outside of business hours will be charged for additional night.

ALL pick ups and drop offs must be scheduled in advance.

All fees are subject to change without notice.


OR  dogs UNDER 18 months old